Since I had the encounter with the Indian fortune teller, I’ve decided to visit the big man upstairs each week and pray (as advised).

Today I was reminded that whilst we all aim to succeed in our careers and in business, most of us would like the reward of wealth that goes with it. However, the effort that is sometimes needed at an organisational level or team level is sacrificed by those who look for the personal reward and ask the question ” what’s in it for me?” This attitude towards success is simply wrong – obviously!

Pulling together as a team or organisation brings reward to all and those who are team players, ignore selfishnesses and believe in the goal, are not distracted by personal greed.

There are many theories about the road to success. Some have it and some don’t whilst others spend a lifetime trying. Some say it’s down to nature and some say it’s down to nuture.

For me success has arrived many times through my life so far. At school, at college, at university, at work and at home. I measure my success by achieving the goals I set for myself. That doesn’t mean I’ve achieved every goal, but those that I fail to meet provide me with the ability to learn from them and helps to set a new goal.

More recently, I’ve been achieving success through thought. My sister recently sent me Golf is not a game of Perfect and through some very simple target focus tips my golf game has improved immensely, but not only golf, everything I approach now involves attitude above ability.  Highly recommended.

Today, a new thought entered my mind. Success is a reward to those who have faith! Simple as that.

To help you understand, have a look at this. Thanks to Haran to for pointing this out.