Tell me

Microsoft, yes Microsoft have launched a voice activated search application for the Blackberry, even before a Windows mobile version! Brushing over that fact, I have to say that I’d love to try it out, but being in the UK it seems I’ll have to wait.

Whilst in the US a couple of weeks ago, I played a lot of golf. Every [other] day we searched local golf courses for times and fees to get the best all round locations. Usually using a desktop/laptop, Google maps and a phone we canvassed local golf courses that met our criteria. As you can imagine, local in Florida is a 30 mile radius and golf courses in a 30 miles radius are plentiful. I’m not going to count.

I can really see how usefull this application can be especially when GPS is stable, fast and effective as it was in Florida.

In the meantime, I’ll be testing Yahoo oneSearch with voice support for Blackbery.


On Guard!

Having encouraged Alex to play golf he is now leaving me behind with his skill. I have closed the gap recently, but he is certainly the better player (and now a pretty effective coach… my coach). A sense of achievement for both of us.

It then occurred to me, with time on my hands, I’m going to work on my next project.

Ben has suddenly shown an interest in fencing and having researched it and found a school\team, I’m also drawn to give it a stab.

So, when the new term starts, Ben and I will be arming ourselves with our foils, bibs and face-masks at fencing school.

I hope I’ve got the right terminology there, or is it a sword, body armour and helmet?


Since I had the encounter with the Indian fortune teller, I’ve decided to visit the big man upstairs each week and pray (as advised).

Today I was reminded that whilst we all aim to succeed in our careers and in business, most of us would like the reward of wealth that goes with it. However, the effort that is sometimes needed at an organisational level or team level is sacrificed by those who look for the personal reward and ask the question ” what’s in it for me?” This attitude towards success is simply wrong – obviously!

Pulling together as a team or organisation brings reward to all and those who are team players, ignore selfishnesses and believe in the goal, are not distracted by personal greed.

There are many theories about the road to success. Some have it and some don’t whilst others spend a lifetime trying. Some say it’s down to nature and some say it’s down to nuture.

For me success has arrived many times through my life so far. At school, at college, at university, at work and at home. I measure my success by achieving the goals I set for myself. That doesn’t mean I’ve achieved every goal, but those that I fail to meet provide me with the ability to learn from them and helps to set a new goal.

More recently, I’ve been achieving success through thought. My sister recently sent me Golf is not a game of Perfect and through some very simple target focus tips my golf game has improved immensely, but not only golf, everything I approach now involves attitude above ability.  Highly recommended.

Today, a new thought entered my mind. Success is a reward to those who have faith! Simple as that.

To help you understand, have a look at this. Thanks to Haran to for pointing this out.

Myrtlewood Golf Club

As part of the east cost trip we are on, spending time at my aunt’s beautiful house in Myrtle beach has certainly been a comfortable experience. Both Alex and myself packed our golf clubs and have been determined to play as much as we could.

My aunt’s house is situated around Myrtlewood Golf Club. Myrtle Beach claims to be the golfing capital of the world in some circles and any golfer heading to the area is spoilt for choice.

Being next door to Myrtlewood it is an obvious choice. Myrtlewood Golf Course contains two impressive and well maintained, 18 hole golf courses. Palmetto and Pine Hills. Including a couple of practive putting greens and a driving range. The shop and restaurtant are also impressive, but above all the staff are helpful and courteous. Throughout our time there, with the weather in the late 90 degrees there were constant watering holes and staff on hand serving snacks and drinks.

Spending a couple of weeks in the area I felt we should stick to the courses and learn it with the belief that our handicaps will drop.

Children under 16 years old are free with a full paying adult!

As planned we’ve been playing around 4 times a week and surely enough we’ve both improved. Alex came in 14 over with an impressive 86! Yesterday I managed an impressive birdie from off the green. I’m not going to mention my best score so far, until I reach my target, so assume I am not as good as Alex for now! 😐