On Guard!

Having encouraged Alex to play golf he is now leaving me behind with his skill. I have closed the gap recently, but he is certainly the better player (and now a pretty effective coach… my coach). A sense of achievement for both of us.

It then occurred to me, with time on my hands, I’m going to work on my next project.

Ben has suddenly shown an interest in fencing and having researched it and found a school\team, I’m also drawn to give it a stab.

So, when the new term starts, Ben and I will be arming ourselves with our foils, bibs and face-masks at fencing school.

I hope I’ve got the right terminology there, or is it a sword, body armour and helmet?


3 Responses to “On Guard!”

  1. decster Says:

    Surely en garde

  2. mikepersaud Says:

    I stand corrected there Dec. However the British Fencing Association’s glossary notes “On Guard”.
    “On Guard – the stance adopted in fencing ” http://www.britishfencing.com/British_Fencing.asp?PageID=118

  3. Golf Club Rental Says:

    He just took up the sport and is now scoring better!? Damn those naturals…. A buddy of mine is just like that. Started about a year ago (26 yrs old) and is now neck and neck with me.

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