Moving on to the next milestone

Ive just celebrated my birthday, Christmas is approaching and it looks like I am about to depart my current employment. A turning point for me.  I’m going to take some time out and work on a plan to start a business.

A bold move certainly, but I’ve been in the industry my entire career and I’ve seen many succeed where I intended, I’ve also help many others achieve their goal and contributed to the success of their businesses.

I’ve always considered myself an entrepreneur, but in practice I took the low risk path and worked for someone else and fell into the comfort zone far too  easily.

Eight years ago I did start my own business with the intention of growing it into a successful service, but I didn’t have confidence in myself and soon reverted to becoming an employee.

This is going to change.  I have a plan, a soon to be completed business plan and I intend to launch in 2008.

More to come.


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