Blackberry and Apple pie

I’ve recently taken delivery of a brand spanking new Blackberry 8310, the Curve with GPS. I have to say that for the first time in my search for the perfect device I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I would certainly loose my Razr and not be embarrassed to hold the Curve to the side of my head and finally consolidate into a single device.

Unfortunately I am easily distracted. We are told that the iPhone is coming to the UK on November 9th, and maybe this is the baby that will solve my problems? Well no, I know this and you all know this. We all know what the shortfalls are and strategically why. I will wait for a 3rd or maybe 4th generation iPhone to be released before I hand Steve my hard earned cash.

Then I had a thought… maybe Steve could have my cash a little earlier than that. What if I bought myself that most beautiful of devices; the iPod Touch? Fitted with a Wi-Fi radio, surely I’ll be able to install a soft-phone client like Skype and voila! an “IP-od-Touch-iPhone”? My sources tell me that is unlikely what with the closed architecture and nature of the beast, Steve will only allow me to do what he wants me to and when he wants me to do it.

I want one, I don’t need one, I simply want one.


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