Funny thing happened on the way.

It’s a critical time on the project, last minute details need to be addressed and unexpected issues arise that require re-prioritising. Resource is tight, but there’s no option, the deadline is approaching and each task along the way needs to be addressed somehow. So far, I’m very confident the project will be delivered. Friday was a milestone and one that had to be completed. I made it into the office early, ensured that any outstanding and prerequisite work needed to be done on the development platform was completed. Feeling confident and ready to go.

I received a call from my wife in distress from home. She was in a bad way, feeling terrible and with kids in the house she needed me to rush home and help. The conversation ended by her saying she couldn’t talk and for me to hurry up. Needless to say my thoughts went into overdrive of what could be the problem. I hung up the phone and sprinted out of the office.

Two trains later, I was on the last leg home. An ten minute walk or a 5 minute wait for a bus, close call, but I noticed that the bus stop was quite full and therefore due a bus soon. Waiting for the bus I began to look-up potential causes for my wife’s illness on my blackberry. Then a man came across the road towards me, saying that I was a lucky lucky man. He was a well dressed Indian man with a notebook in his hand. He was a friendly enough chap, but I kept one eye on him and one eye on the road in the distance impatient for the bus to arrive.

He then began to reel off a few things about me, extremely accurate assessments of me, my career, my personal life and my goals!He introduced himself as Mr Singh the Indian Fortune teller, <pause for lack of originality>, and asked me if I had 5 minutes to spare, he felt he had information I needed to know. Unfortunately, I didn’t, I could see the bus heading my way, but I wanted to continue the conversation with Mr Singh. What to do? my family in trouble or a couple of minutes to listen to a fortune teller? If I missed the bus, I would be another 15 minutes getting home. No brainer really – sorry Mr Singh, I have to go, but if you give me your number I would really like to continue our talks. Unfortunately he had no number to give me, that was it, I would walk away with some unfinished statements about my life, he had me, with the level of accuracy he spoke, it needed to be finished. I left him, taking my priorities in hand and headed home.

At home, I called out the doctor for my wife, fed the kids (two of whom were not mine) and waited, wondering how I could contact Mr Singh. Being so connected and being used to everyone else being connected this was a little bit of a culture shock for me. A search engine is of no use to me, he has no mobile phone or email address. As far as technology is concerned, he does not exist, he is disconnected. Somehow though he was totally connected whilst talking to me at the bus stop.

A few hours later, my wife was feeling better and the kids has gone home apart from mine and I had to run an errand to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription. The pharmacist told me that it would be around a 30 minute wait for the drugs or I could go elsewhere for a quicker response. I agreed to wait, but said I would be back in 30 minutes. I had something to do for 30 minutes… search for Mr Singh.

I remember asking Mr Singh why he crossed the road to the bus stop if he didn’t want the bus. He said to me that he was heading the other way, but i caught his attention and he felt he need to speak to me. So I headed in the direction he said he was walking. driving around looking at the people instead of the road and the cars around is not a talent I posses, a few near misses I have to say, but no incidents. I spent the next 30 minutes back and forth looking for Mr Singh, but without success.

I’m intrigued now and am keen to find out more, but completely cut off from my source of wisdom. I do remember that the last thing he did say was to pray. So I pray I find him again.

That was deep!


3 Responses to “Funny thing happened on the way.”

  1. Faith « Too Early Says:

    […] by mikepersaud on October 7th, 2007 Since I had the encounter with the Indian fortune teller, I’ve decided to visit the big man upstairs each week and pray (as […]

  2. Matthew Says:

    Mr. Singh is in Tampa, FL right now and will be for the next 6 months. He’s staying with a friend of mine.

  3. rampwalker Says:

    Happened to me as well. He got everything

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