ok, ok you’re right!

For many years I have argued the american view that it always rains in England. I live in England and have enjoyed many dry spells year after year, so I felt it only natural to correct those americans who sneer at the weather in England.

Having just returned home from my east coast tour where the weather was glorious sunshine throughout, I am presented with an August that has casued me to enter into my winter wardrobe far too early.

It’s cold, wet and my daily commutes to work are still crowded (and smelly), even though it is still the holidays when commuter traffic is supposed to be lighter and the weather is supposed to be warmer and dryer.  What is going on? The effects of global warming… pah!  the americans were correct all the time.  I was just to stubborn to realise it.

Added to that, I read in the press that record number of brits are leaving the country for sunnier shores, with Austrailia, Spain and the USA top choices. How about that to add to my post holiday blues?

Is the grass greener on the other side?  Time to research me thinks.


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