Myrtlewood Golf Club

As part of the east cost trip we are on, spending time at my aunt’s beautiful house in Myrtle beach has certainly been a comfortable experience. Both Alex and myself packed our golf clubs and have been determined to play as much as we could.

My aunt’s house is situated around Myrtlewood Golf Club. Myrtle Beach claims to be the golfing capital of the world in some circles and any golfer heading to the area is spoilt for choice.

Being next door to Myrtlewood it is an obvious choice. Myrtlewood Golf Course contains two impressive and well maintained, 18 hole golf courses. Palmetto and Pine Hills. Including a couple of practive putting greens and a driving range. The shop and restaurtant are also impressive, but above all the staff are helpful and courteous. Throughout our time there, with the weather in the late 90 degrees there were constant watering holes and staff on hand serving snacks and drinks.

Spending a couple of weeks in the area I felt we should stick to the courses and learn it with the belief that our handicaps will drop.

Children under 16 years old are free with a full paying adult!

As planned we’ve been playing around 4 times a week and surely enough we’ve both improved. Alex came in 14 over with an impressive 86! Yesterday I managed an impressive birdie from off the green. I’m not going to mention my best score so far, until I reach my target, so assume I am not as good as Alex for now! 😐


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