On the road again…

It’s that time of year again, when the kids break up from school and the airlines hike up the prices and the threat of airport and airline strikes add to the joy stress of seeking out that anticipated annual search for fun, rest and of course a little education.

We are not unique.  A few million will be heading off to far and wide destinations in search of much the same.

One thing we will all have in common of course is that fact that we will all be connected in some way or another.  The ability to have mobile access to voice and data is great and extremely seamless.  The only downside is of course the cost of roaming outside your home territory. My wife has suggested that we buy local SIM cards whilst abroad.  Can anyone suggest the best and most economical way of doing this in the US?

We have IP devices that offer the attraction of cost effective VoIP, but there will still be a need to call each other across a cell network.


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