Front to back

In preparation for the ski trip to Whistler this year, Alison and I joined the gym and put together a strict weekly routine.  Surprisingly we stuck to it and as a result we came back from Whistler without the usual pains…apart from the result of a face plant I experienced during my snowboarding lesson.

Luckily I was wearing a helmet, goggles (so easy to type google there) and a small amount of concentration.  I caught the wrong edge of my board and SPLAT!  Face planting the snow I fell onto my hand which impacted my chest resulting in an inability to breath for a while and a severe pain. 

At first I thought I had broken something, but after a few days of complaining, I was told I had bruised my ribs.  Breathing was a tough task at first, but that eased up, then sneezing became a BIGdeal, but soon that eased up and surely enough last-week all evidence to the injury had disappeared.

 So this weekend, I figured I would get back in the gym and continue on my quest for fitness, but first, I thought I’d cut the grass and wash the car, head off to the gym then grab a few holes with Alex.  BIG MISTAKE!  Whilst washing the car, OUCH MY BACK!  something went wrong.

I was in pain, so much pain.  There goes my plans for the rest for the day.  well that’s what I thought, Alex however had other plans.  A conspiracy maybe, but Alison nursed me by strapping a ‘heat pad’ to my back and Alex got the clubs into the car.  I had no choice.

It has to be said, that playing golf in a gingerly fashion improved my game.  It didn’t improve that much as Alex, once again, beat me.  In fact he came in with an impressive 2 over par!

This weekend, I promise, the gym will see me for a couple of hours.


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