Lock Out

I managed to pull off yet another surprise on my good friends Steve and Cheryl.  Turning up unexpected at their door in Orlando.  One day, I expect they’ll pretend they are out and the surprise will back fire, but for now, this is the third year in a row that I’ve manged to do this. You’d think by now, they will remember the dates as this is a regular trip for me.

 Steve and Cheryl, are now living and working in Florida after following their dream three years ago and leaving London. They have decided to start a new business.  Steve’s profession was as a bulder and due to his weak back, he’s packed that in and re-trained as a locksmith.  He now has a business called Bernie’s Lock-Out and performs a service to the locals in Orlando, opening their homes and cars. 

I spent the afternoon with Steve as he made a visit to a residential property to re-key a couple of locks.  An hour later and a satisifed customer later, we returned to his house and he took me through breaking into his house and car.  I managed to create a new key for his van from a complex set of algorithms and opened the front door of his house in under 60 seconds.  Steve’s enthusiasm is encouraging and enjoying what he’s doing.

I can see a good future ahead for “Bernie’s Lock-out” as the tourist season peaks in the summer and, like myself a few years ago, holiday makers loosing keys to rental cars. 

He is working on the advertising now, but I’m sure he’ll get that right and the calls will flood in.   Keep following the dream!


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